Web3 cash made simple.

USDJ is here to make stablecoins go mainstream. We encourage user-friendly products, optimize ease of access, and prioritize transparency.

Fast, lightweight, universal.

USDJ runs on The Open Network – a 3rd-gen blockchain capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with negligible costs.

As a non-volatile token that is easily obtainable, USDJ serves as a better way to use money, and a gateway for millions of people to the crypto market.

Fully collateralized with USDC on Ethereum.

USDJ is a meta-collateralized stablecoin. Meaning 1 USDJ is guaranteed by 1 unit of a different stablecoin, like USDC.

USDJ is pegged soely by USDC as of today, yet the infrastructure to expand the peg basket is already under development. More info on how the pegging is done and why meta-collateralization is a powerful point can be found on USDJ's Telegram channel.

From the ecosystem.
For the ecosystem.

Created by the team behind Tonic, USDJ's core deeply understands the needs of the crypto users and TON community in particular. USDJ is here to support further infrastructure development and provide builders with a stable, fast, and TON-native token.

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